Tom Metzger

A 'Jack of All Trades' In Many Fields

     I took my first programming class my Fresman year of high school, and absolutely loved it. Afterwards, I gave it up to make more time for football. My Junior year, I had a unique opportunity in English class that allowed me the perfect excuse to learn iOS development. From there, I went on to teach myself Objective-C, Swift, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and Python.

     Since I was in highschool at the time, I didn't have any connections to other programmers or graphic designers and had to do everything solo. Thus, out of necessity, I also began teching myself graphic design. I didn't have enough money to afford Photoshop, so I began working with GIMP. Eventually, Photoshop CC did offer a student discount, and I began working with that as my main design tool.

     Soon after beginning iOS development, I decided to start making a Nintendo 64 emulator as an experiment with the hypothesis of "anyone can code anything as long as they know syntax and research enough, regardless of experience". Not too long before I began this project, an app called GBA4iOS released version 2.0 and kickstarted a retro console emulation craze in the iOS community. When Facebook's Rooms app released, a room for Emulators was started. I became a moderator there, announced my project there, and quickly become a fairly prominent member in the iOS Emulation Community, both as a leader and a developer. Unfortunately, all the easy sideloading bugs were fixed, the final version of GBA4iOS was released, and Rooms was shut down, thus leading to the quick fizzling out of the emulation craze.

     I recently started my fourth year at Taylor University, where I'm majoring in Computer Science With Cyber Security. I also recently interned for Lockheed Martin as an iOS Security Researcher. Unfortunately, due to these things, development on Revera has been slow going. On top of that, the remaining items to do are immensely time consuming, but we're looking at a plausible beta release in early 2019.

     When I'm not doing any of the above, I can be found binging TV shows on Netflix, playing video games, or just kicking back and listening to some good music. When I'm not at home, I'm likely at the shooting range doing competitive skeet shooting, hanging out with friends, or riding my dirtbike. When I have the time and resources (which isn't often), I also enjoy making shortfilms. During highschool, I'd use any excuse I could to make them, so many of my films correlate with with a school project. As of recently, I've also dabbled in music recording and production (I started teaching myself screaming vocals, guitar, and Pro Tools X) - the results of which can be seen in the music section of my portfolio.

     Circumstance forced me to become a "Jack of All Trades" in software development. Now, it's my goal to become a "Jack of All Trades" in as many different fields as I can.

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Why The Apple Replica?

Developer Perspective: I very easily could have developed an original site. But, I feel mimmicking Apple's website in some ways shows off my skills better than an original one. In just over a week of development time, I was able to make a near perfect replica of the website of one of the world's largest tech giants - not once, not twice, but thrice - using 100% original code (aside from the few frameworks I used).

Designer Perspective: I also could have designed a fully original site. However, I feel the replica was the best way to go for this too. It shows that I can not only adapt to a design standard, but I can create new content for that design standard, as many of the pages were original.